Haunted Horror #3 (February – 2013 – YOE/IDW)

Haunted Horror #3

Yoe is in the business of making me a very, very happy man.  Craig Yoe is all about finding the old and obscure, the pre-code comics of America’s past and putting them out in these amazing looking books, and comics.  I for one cannot even believe how amazing issue 3 of Haunted Horror was, and I’m actively hunting down the first two issues; which are going for a premium on eBay, and with good reason.  These books are slick looking, and that isn’t even talking about the content.

The cover is thicker card stock than normal books.  The pages are thick and glossy.  The number of pages is high.  You are really getting your monies worth when you pick up  an issue of Haunted Horror.  These are beautiful books, and inside are the coolest pre-code comics from the annals of horror comic history.

So the content of this book is just as amazing.  With stories collected in it from Web of Evil, Tales of Horror, Chamber of Chills, Worlds of Fear, Journey into Fear, and Mysterious Adventures all these tales to chill the spine are amazing.  They are like a laundry list of creature features and horror classics.  A monster in a pool that is used as a tool for vengeance that back fires.  Elderly vampires who prey on traveling sales men until a sheriff gets wise.  A political opponent returns from the gallows to revenge himself on the kangaroo court that had him killed.  A merman who wants something beautiful of his own, dead or alive.  A little boy who uses glass eyes as marbles to avenge his father (you read that right).  This book is just chock full of the most amazing stories.  These tales are beautiful and amazing, and for the most part really well illustrated.

Here is the thing.  In a world that is full of real horrors everyday on the news we are jaded to this kind of mysterious fear filled style of comic book.  These stories aren’t shocking any more.  They come across as silly and fun.  No one could ever take this seriously, and that is a real tragedy because it means that comics like this aren’t coming out any more.  There are the re-boots of Eerie, and Creepy and that is fantastic.  I hope that more companies are willing to do more of the anthology style horror comics, because I just can’t get enough.  While they are at it, keep releasing the old stuff too!

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Frankenstein Alive, Alive! #1 (May – 2012 – IDW)

Frankenstein Alive, Alive! #1

NOTE: This is going to be one of the comics that we go over in the forthcoming HHC Podcast, so you will probably get to hear all about this again at some point, but more in depth.

When I was a kid there were these trading cards called “Master of the Macabre,” that featured the art of Bernie Wrightson.  In the collection there were all sorts of creepy ghouls and deadly monsters, but my favorites were the subset of cards that illustrated Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein.  These were beautiful black and white paintings that when printed on a card were to small to inspect in the kind of detail that I wanted to inspect them with.  I feel like I would actually fight a pack of wolves to get my hands on a full size version of one of those paintings.

When I was told that this comic existed, I felt the same kind of excitement that I would feel every time I opened up a pack of the “Master of the Macabre” cards, that child like giddy excitement that made me almost hop up and down (almost, I’m a man now).  The only issue that was out at the time at my local comic book shop was issue #2, so I started to hunt other stores and the eBay for a reasonably priced copy of issue #1.  I didn’t even crack open issue #2, I was saving myself, I didn’t want to ruin any little bit of the excitement that I was feeling.

It was worth the weight, when I finally picked up a copy and it came to my house I was like a little kid opening a Christmas present.  This comic was everything that I was hoping it would be, and unexpectedly not what I thought it would be at all.  I had read nothing about it, I hadn’t even really talked with anyone about it to much, I had just been sold on Bernie Wrightson and Frankenstein.  Those two names together had been more than enough to pique my interest.  I had no idea that in effect it was a true sequel to the novel by Mary Shelly.  Picking up in the frozen wasteland where that novel leaves off.  It is a stroke of brilliance on the part of writer Steve Niles, a Frankenstein tale that picks up right where the novel left off.

The star of this is Bernie Wrightson’s art though.  It is the kind of immaculate detailed black and white that I have come to love from this man.  He is truly a master of his craft, bringing to life everything from carnivals to frozen wastes in this issue in the kind of detail that you tend to only expect from real life.  I want to live in the world that Wrightson creates.  This is brilliant and I could honestly care less about how slowly the issues are coming out, as long as it 1) gets finished and 2) looks as good as this all the way through till the end of the series.

Added bonus, the first few pages of the novel Frankenstein are in the back of this issue, along with Niles interviewing Wrightson on the impact that Frankenstein has had in both their lives.  Just a bunch of gravy on top of an awesome sandwich.

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More Godzilla from IDW!

Godzilla #1

IDW has just announced that they will be coming out with new issues of Godzilla. There are some that would say Godzilla isn’t horror, those people are wrong. Godzilla is horror as it gets!

When Godzilla stomps a hole in your city, that is scary!

Check out the press release about where Tokyo is going with IDW.

Go Go Godzilla!

IDW making a War/Horror title with Joe Hill

Thumbprint #1

Joe Hill and IDW are teaming up to put together two of my favorite comic genres.  War an Horror (don’t be to surprised if you eventually see some Sgt. Rock reviews sneak onto this page).

Joe Hill who has worked on Locke and Key, which I have yet to read but comes highly recommended will be teaming up with Jason Ciaramella to make what sounds to be a pretty intense horror war title.

It will start coming out in June and there is no way that I’m going to miss it.

Read more about it here.

IDW’s Thumbprint.

X-Files Season 10 From IDW

X Files season 10 from IDW

IDW with the aide of Chris Carter are bring back the X-files to a newsstand (or more likely comic book shop, because I haven’t seen a comic in the grocery store for a long while) near you.

Season 10 of the X-Files isn’t going to be on TV, and there isn’t going to be another movie.  Instead we have the privilege of reading further adventures of Mulder and Scully in glorious comic book form.   Slated for release in June, gett these bad boys in your pull slot, because from the sounds of it IDW is very excited about what Chris Carter is bringing to the table as far as guiding the direction of the comic towards the feeling that the original series maintained.

The plot will take place after the second movie, and will feature the same kind of crazy foes that we have come to expect from Scully and Mulder’s exploits.

Read more on the IDW website:

IDW and the X-Files!