More Mignola on Hellboy in Hell

Really interesting (and short) interview over at CBR about Hellboy in Hell.

In this one Mignola talks about how Hellboy in Hell, though an ongoing series, will not be a regular one.  Basically saying they will come out when they are done.

This is a good interview and worth the quick read.

Mignola on Hellboy in Hell.


Mignola on Hellboy in Hell

Mike Mignola has an awesome interview up on Newsarama.  In it he talks about the direction that Hellboy in Hell is going to take over the next 10 issues, the structure of Hell, his relation to Satan, and so much more.

He calls this his “most important book.”

I’m impressed so far, and can’t wait for the title to reveal more and more of Hell!

Mike Mignola on Newsarama.