PREVIEW: The Uncanny

The Uncanny already has 7 issues out but it is getting picked up by comiXology so they are doing a big push to get the word out about this pretty stellar looking title.

From their press release:

“The Zen Brawler.  The Voodoo Wildchild.  The Faceless Mystery Man. The New Age Oracle. The Master of the Steel Skin Technique. The Psycho Soul. And the Gnostic spirit. They are “The Uncanny”. The Uncanny, is a mystery school of revolutionaries fighting against conformity and the genocide of the imagination. Mystery school is a university of the soul, a school for the study of the mysteries of the inner nature of man and of surrounding nature.

A little girl witnesses a battle between the Uncanny and The Thought Police over the life of a stranger. Is this just the wild imagination of a child or the beginning of the unseen war against freedom and imagination?

Living shadows, fractal ego traps and steam powered consciousness. Is The Uncanny a myth or legend?

The Uncanny Prologue is free to download via Comixology (very soon) or Wyldcard Studio´s website.”

This is a seriously cool looking book and here are some preview pages to prove it!

Go check it out.

“7 issues (1 through 6 plus a Prologue issue) in total and a collection of issues 1-3. The books were published through a print on demand site Ka-blam. All of the issues are on sale, and they stay on sale at

The Uncanny will be presented via Comixology and Wyldcard’s site on a weekly basis, with also an instant TPB-download of #1-3 if you do not want to wait that long.”

PREVIEW: Noctua #1

Andrew M. Henderson, creator/writer to release Noctua digitally through Alterna Comics on Comixology May 8th.  

The year is 2051. A new strain of virus has mutated 5% of the Earth’s population into creatures of the night. “Vampires,” as they’re called by their detractors, tentatively co-exist alongside humans thanks to Aeternus Eternus, a synthetic form of sustenance created by Biotech giant Imago Labs. But for some, nothing can truly replace the taste of fresh blood…fresh human blood. As the illegal blood trade rises, a new predator takes to the streets. One which even the Vampires themselves fear. Those who have seen him and lived to tell about it can only utter one word to describe the winged avenger, hell-bent on ridding the world of their people. “NOCTUA.”

Sounds pretty cool.  Be sure to keep an eye out for it.