Welcome to the Haunt of Horror Comics

Haunt of Horror Comics is a horror comic book review and news site, run by fans, for fans.  We hope that you enjoy what we have to say, and we would love to hear what you think.  As the site expands keep an eye on this section for new writers, and content.  The site will be updated all the time, so be sure to “Like” us on Facebook so you never miss a thing!

The Haunt of Horror Comics is:

Gabriel LLanas – Founder and Tireless Slave to the Site – (gl)

 Professionally Gabriel LLanas is a chef.  He works way to many hours in front of a super hot grill.  The rest of the time he is either hanging out with his wife and four kids or reading a shit load of comic books so he can write about them here, because if he doesn’t do it, he will go mad.  The last time he checked he was in charge of the site, but there is a good chance the site is in charge of him.

Jimmy Stetler – Contributing Reviewer, Columnist – (js)

Jimmy Stetler is a freelance writer. He has created and co-created many comics/comic strips and is currently writing with Squirrel Masters Studios (Ray the Comic Book, Dan In Space). Writing for and about nerd-culture and trying to get his novels published pretty much takes up all of his free time (that and reading stacks of comics every week). He was raised on a steady diet of horror comics as a child and found sustenance from titles like Creepy, Vampirella, and Swamp Thing/Man-Thing and still does to this day.

Nathan Ellis – Contributing Reviewer, Podcast Host – (ne)

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An employee at Bartertown Comics and a guy who doesn’t mind bringing his work home with him, Nathan Ellis has been a fan of science fiction and horror since childhood. One of his fondest memories as a kid is coming across an old issue of Rom SpaceKnight from the 80’s that a close relative left behind. The sight of monsters from another planet has been burned into his brain ever since, explaining his obsession with the film Alien. When he’s not consuming entertainment or selling it, he is playing bass and is trying to find time to work on his upcoming comic called Mantis-Boy, he hopes to help his coworkers and friends start a comic publishing company.

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