Beware…Formula X (2013 – 215 Ink)

Beware: Formula X

Editor’s Note:  This review of Beware…Formula X has been moved to the top of the pile so we can let you know about  Mike Perkins (co-creator of Beware…) will be donating 50% of sales of this book, and several others, to support Boston Children’s Hospital in the wake of the Boston Bombings.  For more info click over to We Win Con.

Todd isn’t a popular kid.  As a matter of fact when faced with the choice between hanging out with the cute girl that likes him and continuing with his plant experiment for AP Botany, he actually has to take the time to think it through.  He decides that if he uses the fertilizer labeled “Formula X” on his fungal experiment, that it should give him enough time to go hand out with the girl for a while.

As with all things labeled “X” not really the most safe decision.  The fungus that mimics and orchid to attract and kill ants (by making fungal zombie ants) has a rapid growth spurt and using its biological  mechanism for spreading eats the janitor and then begins to  spread itself through the school.  Todd has to save the day.  His quick mind isn’t just for botany, with wiffle ball bats, road flares, and heat resistant gloves he makes improvised flame throwers.  He takes the fight to the plant.

Beware… which is is a bi-monthly ongoing from 215 Ink, hits all of the sci-fi horror buttons dead on.  It is by turns silly, intelligent and gross.  Done by a team of brothers Michael Perkins helms the writing.  He has this style of campy horror and sci-fi in the bag, with a story that is reminiscent of the horror comics like Tales From the Crypt, and Haunt of Horrors.  Visually the art, by brother Will Perkins, is a little more modernized.  The art is like anything that you would see in a modern horror comic book.  The fungal take over of people is a gross out in the fun way, and when he spoors and explodes it is even more fun.  This is worth picking up, and right now you can do it while donating to a great cause.

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