The Strange Adventures of H. P. Lovecraft #2 (May – 2009 – Image)

The Strange Adventures of H. P. Lovecraft #2

After waking up from a dream that he plans on converting to a Weird Tale H.P. Lovecraft discovers that the dream is in fact reality. That the sailors that mugged him, took his watch, and his money were in fact attacked in the night and brutally murdered.  Unfortunately his watch was found at the crime scene and he is instantly suspected of being the murderer.  After all both of his parents succumbed to insanity and his spinster aunts, though dotting, fear him just a little bit.

HPL isn’t going to let a little suspected criminal activity prevent him from going back to the library to visit the love of his life and find out the news that she was eager to give him the day before.  Before he can talk to her though a dark and foreboding book that sits in the middle of the library calls out to him.  It knows that he is the key to some kind of gate, and begins to reveal itself to him when the book is interrupted by Sylvia’s new fiance.

Fiance is a bit of the jock bully type and leaves no question in HPL’s mind that he wants him to never be around Sylvia again.  The dejected, and some what weak willed Lovecraft just sulks home.  Unable to even bring himself to write he falls asleep, only to awake from a dream where fiance dies a horrible death at the hands of something unknowable and evil.

HPL is on his way to rescue the fiance of the woman he loves.  Arriving at the home crazy things are afoot.  Rooms falling apart into landscapes of outer space.  Creatures that seem to have no beginning and no end with beautiful nude women for hair, and infants tumbling from tentacle and fanged mouths.   All the while HPL attempting to defend a man that he calls his friend, but that took his woman.  The creature has a message for Lovecraft too, a dire message of warning.  Lovecraft is single minded in his focus to get his friend out of the mad house though, and somehow he manages it to do it, with some of his sanity intact (doesn’t seem like all of it though).

I wasn’t super impressed with the art in this title until about half way though this issue.  As soon as the creature springing from the pages of Lovecraft’s actual tales appears this issue makes a drastic turn for the amazing.  You could just sit and try and pick apart the craziness that is the Shoggoth that attacks this home, there is so much detail and conflicting imagery that it is stunning, a real tribute to the skill of Tony Salmons.

Mac Carter puts together a great story as well.  This is a great mixture of crime and Mythos fiction that honestly probably deserves a little more recognition than the title gets.  I wish they would have turned this into an ongoing series, it could have been stunning.

Next Time: Darkhold #4



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