Constantine #1 (May – 2013 – DC)

Constantine #1

John Constantine is verbose, sarcastic, and awesome, or at least he was through the entire run of Hellblazer.  When a comic transitions into a new title I’m always a little afraid that they are going to change the main character in way that makes him or her really unrecognizable   I have no evidence of this ever really happening,  it is just an irrational fear that I have. It looks like John Constantine is going to be just fine through his title transition.

The first two pages are just Constantine being his verbose self, talking about the price of magic.  How for every bit you use up, something is taken from you.  When one of his psychic informants shows up wanting help.  Soon the two of them are on a plane to Norway to find Croydon’s Compass an artifact that will guide the one who possesses it to other magical artifacts.  A powerful thing that Constantine now knows he is racing to find the pieces of before others with nefarious plans find it.

Unfortunately he arrives just in time to face off with the scion of the Cult of The Cold Flame, Sargon the Sorceress (who I assume is a reincarnation of Sargon the Sorcerer).  She captures the psychic and refuses to let him go until Constantine hands over the needle of the compass.  Constantine lets the man die, because he can’t allow the needle to fall into the wrong hands (or maybe because he just desires to possess that power for himself, you never can quite tell with John Constantine).

Renato Guedes provides so really great art for this inaugural issue that suits the character and subject matter pretty well.  It is slick looking but it isn’t so slick that it looses its edginess.  Writers Ray Fawkes and Jeff Lemire also seem to have a good handle on the spirit and tone that Constantine should take.  This title excites me a lot more now that I’ve had a chance to read it than before it came out.

There is also an interesting little “newscast” on the last two pages of the book that seem to be alluding to the big Justice Leagues crossover that is coming up.  Should be cool.

Next Time:  Haunted Horror #3


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