B.P.R.D. #103 Hell on Earth: The Abyss of Time Part 1 of 2 (January – 2013 – Dark Horse)

B.P.R.D. #103

NOTE: This is going to be one of the comics that we go over in the forthcoming HHC Podcast, so you will get to hear all about this again on May 1st, but more in depth, when Nathan Ellis and Gabe LLanas chat it up for your listening pleasure.

The B.P.R.D. is always on the hunt for creatures of supernatural origin and artifacts with mystical powers.  Their goal is to serve and protect the Earth as the policing force against all things that creepy crawl and go bump in the night.  Sometimes the succeed and sometimes they fail.

This issue finds them deep in the bowels of the ruins of a building in Chicago, Illinois.  Leading them deeper and deeper into it is a punk that has a lead on some kind of hidden temple.  As they investigate the premises one of the investigators stumbles upon a sword.  Story transition to our prehistoric past.

The investigator awakes as a man whose tribe has just been attacked by The Cold People.  In this alternate history he is the son of the chief who died in the battle, and he is suddenly thrust into the role of tribal leader.  Clutched in his hands, the very sword that he had grasped in the past/future.  There is more though, an influx of memories from yet another future.  A place where The Cold People aren’t defeated and the world is over run with monsters.  He knows that he must lead his people against The Cold People, first he needs to understand the sword.

The tribal shaman tells the tale of how his grandfather had discovered the sword amid the ruins of an ancient temple.  Then when he was beset on all sides by ghosts, the spirit of the warrior who had once wielded the still sharp sword had come to him and shown him the power of that blade.  The sword is a weapon to be used against all things evil, and that is what the new chief plans to use it for; eradicating the Cold People.

Art here by James Harren is magnificent, there is an aesthetic that mirrors Mignola’s without being a rip off at all.  It is very detailed while still having those dark black spaces that Mignola is so prone to.  Dave Stewart, as always, has that magnificent ability to create these dynamic and saturated color palates that do it for me in a nearly sexual way, they are so beautiful that I literally finding myself staring at pages that transition from one palate to another for way to long.  I feel like I will blush when the page looks up and notices that I’m staring at it’s yellows.  The story is in the firm and capable grasp of Mike Mignola and Scott Allie (who is also doing brilliant on Abe Sapien).  These guys know how to make a “time travel” tale that I’m not annoyed with.

B.P.R.D. is always solid, and always in my pull.  Dear Dark Horse, never let it stop.

Next Time: Gun Devil #1



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