The Outdoorsman #1: Bon Appetit or How to Kill A Chubby Vampire. (2012 – Independent)

The Outdoorsman: Bon Appetit or How to Kill A Chubby Vampire

So when I set out to get to know and interview some of the comic book artists that are going to be at Denver Comicon I didn’t expect to stumble across something that I like nearly as much as The Outdoorsman.  This is the kind of comic that I love to read, like Hellboy or Witch Doctor it is that blend of magic and reality that I love.  There is something about the confrontation of a character discovering that what was previously assumed to be fantasy is in fact reality that really is entertaining.

So in this tale The Outdoorsman (who is never given a name in the issue) is in the deep south post-Katrina on the hunt.  An evil has been brewing in the small town of Sun, and that evil has taken over.  The whole town is over run, not a single living soul left.  The Outdoorsman aims to make it so that there isn’t a single undead living soul left either.  Using his arsenal of guns and weaponry specifically designed to make vampires sweat (and then of course die) he dispatches the entire town in short order, and moves on to defeat the big guy.

Literally the big guy, Bon Appetit isn’t your typical vampire.  He is a big fat bloated mess of nasty vampire (in the interview recently posted on HHC Patrick Hoover refers to him as being tick like).  He may be a serious opponent, and have some serious girth, but he is no match for the hunting skills of The Outdoorsman.

This book is fun, and I can’t wait to read the next issue (Bokenwolves).  Patrick Hoover has hit on exactly the kind of comic that I like to read, I feel like this is the kind of title that would look so good in the Dark Horse solicitations. I hope that other people will see this review and go pick up this book, trust me it is worth it!

You can pick The Outdoorsman up at Blaze Orange Studio.

Next Time:  Legion of Monsters #1



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