Hellboy: In Hell #2 (January – 2013 – Dark Horse)

Hellboy: In Hell #2

Hellboy continues his journey into the depths of hell.  Led by one of the three apparitions that is supposed to visit him and take him through to the bottom.  The first stop is Pandemonium, formerly the seat of power in Hell.  Where he is taken to see his throne, his crown and his ring of power, but the place is strangely empty.  Because all of the princes, knights and dukes of Hell have all fled, knowing that Hellboy that is on the way.  But Hellboy wants none of it, he makes it clear again that there is nothing that he wants less than to take the throne of Hell.  He wants to move on but not before the spirit suggests that he sneak into the depths of Pandemonium and kill the sleeping Satan.  Which he does.  Then taking the arm of the spirit they move.

The second spirit comes and takes him to the river Cocytus, wherein dwell the souls of the damned.  Not real horrible people.  Just the normal damned, those who just didn’t live good lives.  From that river the Fisher of Souls pulls them out, and on his anvil molds them into figures of soldiers.  Warriors in the army of Hell that only Hellboy can raise to defeat both Heaven and Earth.  Again Hellboy indicates that he wants nothing to do with the power that could be his, so they move again, and the spirit has a truly haunting place to take Hellboy.

The place where he is born, and through the spirit Hellboy watches his own birth, and the attachment of his arm.  He gets to hear his father’s hopes and dreams for him, and when he snaps out of the vision there is someone there to welcome him home.  His brother.

Just like the first issue, it uses the structure of A Christmas Carol to move Hellboy through the depths of his birthplace, and through the depths of the things that have molded who he is.  In some ways it also seems to almost mirror the story of Christ’s temptation by the Devil, as both refuse the power given to them by their adversaries.  Mignola has this title nailed.  Hellboy is everything that he could be and should be as he ventures deeper and deeper into Hell, and the sparse artwork combines with Dave Stewart’s shifting color pallets (which use a different scheme for each location that Hellboy is in) to create a truly haunting book.  It continues to be excellent, and I don’t doubt for a second that it will be amazing till the end.

Next Time:  Creepy #11



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