Revival #2 (September – 2012 – Image)

Revival #2

The second of Tim Selley and Mike Norton’s rural noir picks up right where issue one left off.  Dr. Ramin of the R.C.A.T. team is doing the post-mortem on Arlene Dittman the old lady who Martha had killed in the previous issue.  But to the surprise of the coroner and Dr. Ramin, Mrs. Dittman still isn’t dead yet.  There is something more to the Revivers than just your simple zombie outbreak.

Meanwhile Dana Cypress has been reprimanded by her father, and kicked off of the R.C.A.T. team because her sister Martha was on the crime scene with her.  What her father doesn’t know is that Martha is one of the Revivers too.  That secret weighs heavy.  The sisters both have their own ways of dealing with the secret though.  Dana heads to a bar and hooks up with a guy, Martha heads to the bar, and tests the limits of her new abilities and picks a fight.

Enter Mr. Abel (the only name that he has been called by so far though), a demonologist and exorcist who is having a boom in business.  His claim to the parents of a possessed girl that the revival of the dead brought a lot of other darkness along with it.  So as an exorcist he also knows how to spot a fake, and the woman that is trapped in a room with him has no idea that he is about to call her out on her bullshit.

This comic is dark.  The characters are flawed and human, but engaging.  But this title is serious business.  It pulls no punches and just doesn’t let up on its relentless nature.  I am really enjoying this title and can’t wait to read on.  Mr. Abel can only be a great character and the conflict brewing within the Cypress family can only get really messy.  It is starting to feel less like a noir and more like a gothic.

Next Time:  Hellboy: In Hell #2



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