Ghost Rider: Fear Itself #1 (September – 2011 – Marvel)

Ghost Rider: Fear Itself #1

The Fear Itself crossover was a company wide story line about the Norse god The Serpent attempting to take back the throne of Asguard.  With that said, the Ghost Rider titles within the Fear Itself story line, stand alone pretty well.

John Blaze has once again been freed of the curse and the duty of being the Ghost Rider.  So he has moved into the desert to relax in his effective retirement.  Meanwhile across the country Sin (First Avatar of The Serpent) is stomping a mud hole into Dayton, Ohio while Blackout and Deathwatch pick up the spiritual scraps to give themselves more power.  Enter the new Rider, and this time the Ghost Rider is a woman.

After putting down Blackout and Deathwatch with the penance stare, she goes to confront Sin.  Sin looks like she is about to be defeated when the flames of the Ghost Rider are extinguisher just from touching Sin’s hammer.

Flash back to John Blaze’s home where as he is returning from gathering wood he is faced with Mephesito in his cabin waiting for him.

Flash again to a few hours before.  A temple in the Nicaraguan jungle, corpses laid out in ritual, and Adam (the man who helped lift the Ghost Rider from John Blaze) has brought The Seeker to life to grant the powers of The Ghost Rider to another person.  Alejandra touches the chains and bursts into the hell fire.  The female Ghost Rider revealed.

Overall this is an inaugural issue, so there is just a frame work to hang the rest of the issues on here, but at least that frame work is decently interesting.  Though the Fear Itself crossover wasn’t crazy successful this title seems to be pretty interesting, and a good chance for the Ghost Rider character to build its mythology in an interesting direction.   You have to give it to Rob Williams, this is a pretty creative turn for Ghost Rider, and an obvious one that I can’t believe someone hadn’t already thought of.

Matthew Clark, who also did Doom Patrol, has a slick style that reminds me of a lot of the 90’s Image titles (without the insane guns and millions of pouches on bandoleers).  This is a good looking comic to say the least, but it is very superheroish.  The Ghost Rider at its heart is a supernatural superhero title, and sometimes the best way to draw it, is just like any issue of The Avengers.  I don’t mind that most of the time, because I know what I’m in for.  A dark superhero tale.

It will be interesting to see where this goes (I have several of the issues, just haven’t read them yet).

Next Time:  Deadman: Exorcisim Book 1



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