Darkhold #3 (December – 1992 – Marvel)

Darkhold #3

As the Darkhold Redeemers are saved by a mysterious benefactor, one Modred the Mystic, and he has a tale to tell.  A tale all about his journey with the Darkhold, lost love and the birth of his enormous magical powers.  So in the wake of their previous escapade with a gamma bomb and one of the pages of the dark hold, Modred whisks the away from the ground zero of that battle to safety of Louise Hasting’s office, where Vicki Montesi has another premonition about the location of a Darkhold page that is about to be used.

Meanwhile across the country, Wanda Maximoff, AKA The Scarlet Witch has opened a portal to something dark, something that chooses to posses her.  A dark god named Chthon, the deity behind the Darkhold itself.  Things are moving forward and the Darkhold Redeemers have to get to the page before it is used.

Unfortunately they are to late.  In Perfection, South Carolina Aurora Poule is give a choice, by The Other, between being beautiful and having her revenge on those that have hurt her.  She chooses to be beautiful, to move forward, but the people of the town won’t let her.  Soon they are taunting her she again becomes the victim of rape at the hands of town jocks.  Returning to her home she tells The Other that she would like her revenge.  Creatures are released upon the town.

Right around that time the Darkhold Redemers arrive to find the page and search the town to find out what is going on.  Sam fights off monsters but still seems to think that there is no such thing as the paranormal, but then is confronted by an old enemy returned, Sabertooth.

This is a decent one off issue, and it starts to really move the over arching story of the Darkhold forward by digging into Modred’s saga and giving a little more page time the Darkhold cult that seems to be working behind the scenes either controlling the dwarf who is handing out the pages or tracking him.

The art in this issue maintains that dark and heavy black tone of the first two issues (this time worked out with a little more fine detail by Tony Harris who went on to do Whistling Skull).  This is a pretty bleak issue, and like a lot of the issues of Darkhold it isn’t afraid to deal with some pretty serious subject matter.  Rape and cover up in a small town, pretty serious shit, and this doesn’t have any “Mature Content” tags anywhere on it.

This is still one of my favorite titles from the 90’s and the Midnight Sons, and it is really fun re-reading them.

Next Time:  Morbius: The Living Vampire #2



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