The Strange Adventures of H. P. Lovecraft (April – 2009 – Image)

The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft #1

What better foil for a Lovecraftian adventure, that good ole HPL himself.  That is exactly what The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft aims to do, and to a certain extent it works.  One part biography and two parts fiction, this casts HPL in the role of quiet writer, suffering from serious writers block, woman woes, and to top it all off a mugging.  He confronts all of this with a resigned and grudging acceptance.

First he visits the woman that he loves, at the university that she works at.  While passing a book it seems to speak at his mind, indicating that he is some kind of conduit.  The woman that he loves gives him the brush off, so in a dejected state he heads to the pier to collect his thoughts.  While there he is mugged by two sailors.  When he gets home after being mugged, Lovecraft continues to struggle with his writers block.  Musing over the evils that beset him at all sides until he falls into dejected sleep.

When he awakes he tells his spinster aunts that he lives with that he has had a dream about the men that mugged him being attacked by other worldly forces of vengeance.  They tell him that is exactly what has happened and that it is in the paper.  So starts the adventure.

I have a pretty good idea of where this little tale is going to go over then next three issues, but I’m excited to see where it goes anyway.  Mac Carter (the writer) seems to have a very good grasp on the mythos and how it feels, without having to just jump right into the story of the elder gods. The art from Tony Salmons, is vivid and really catches the feel of the 20’s in pretty lurid detail as well making this book a hit for me.

The best part of this series is that I picked them all up at my local comic book store in the dollar comics box.  So for four dollars you really can’t go wrong with this title.  If you have a chance to pick them up, do!

Next Time: Darkhold #3



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