The Whistling Skull #1 (February – 2013 – DC)

The Whistling Skull #1

One thing that I love about comics is that you often can judge a book by its cover.  Which is pretty much what I did with The Whistling Skull.  I saw it sitting on the shelf at my local comic shop (well technically I saw issue #2 and then asked if they had #1 as well), and after a brief conversation with the guy I always talk to about comics there, I was picking it up.

Well so here is the breakdown of what attracted me to the cover.  First off the hero is apparently some kind of steampunk skeleton.  Second his cohorts on the cover are the awesome kind of old school superheroes that I don’t dislike nearly as much as the spandex and logo chest class.  Third the color is just so lurid and vivid.  Amazing.

The inside looks just as good, with art from Tony Harris (who did the art in Darkhold #3 which I will be reviewing soon) there is a feeling of deep seeded decay in everything.  Everything is wrinkled, scrapped and dinged up.

The story is interesting too.  Told by R. Clay Moore in a series of flash backs and flash forwards you find that out Nigel (aka Knuckles) and William (aka Whistling Skull) have been friends since childhood with William always looking out for a very slow Nigel.  They are a duo of crime fighters that work for something called Skeleton.  This is an interesting introduction to the characters because there are just things not explained, like you should know what is going on right off of the bat.  Problem is, from what I can tell the JSA has a fairly limited back story, and The Whistling Skull isn’t in much of it.  So I’m kind of learning what is going on while I read.

I like it, and have been gobbling up the issues as they come out.  I’m thinking that by the time I get to the end of the six issue miniseries, I’ll be hanging out hoping for more.  I just want to know more about Skeleton and The Whistling Skull.

Next Time:  The Strange Adventures of H. P. Lovecraft #1



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