Nightstalkers #2 (December – 1992 – Marvel)

Nightstalkers #2

Of all the Midnight Sons titles Nightstalkers was always my least favorite.  It is the title that succumbs to  the super hero genre the most.  They are three over powered heroes, Blade (sword wielding half-vampire), Hannibal King (animal blood drinking full blown vampire), Frank Drake (non-vampire decedent of Dracula with a huge ectoplasm gun).  The are always fighting against super villainy baddies (like for example in this issue).  They wear costumes that strike me as being silly, and probably a little impractical in a fight (I mean come on a cape and a cravat).

Coming back to these and re-reading them, they do suffer from all of the things that I don’t like about all the superhero titles.  The second issue of Nightstalkers revolves around that too.  In their first big stand alone face off they end up dealing with a HYDRA task force called D.O.A. (Department of Occult Armaments).  There is a little subterfuge before the Nightstalkers know that that is who they are fighting against, since D.O.A.’s peons are a fortune teller and her two semi-literate assistants.  She escapes into the waiting arms of Hydra but as a punishment for their failure at bringing the Nightstalkers in they are soon face to face with four D.O.A. operatives:  Malpractice, Innards, Rotwrap and Pyre.  That’s right they have silly super villain names.

I have always wanted to like this title more than I do, but it just never did anything surprising or different than you would find in say The Avengers, or Justice League, and for me that just isn’t what I’m looking for.  I have never understood why they would waste all that good potential of characters driven by pain and loss into just making another superhero book.

One of the things that redeems this book for me a bit is the interplay between the three Nightstalkers.  Their’s is a marriage of convenience.  They all seek to eradicate all supernatural forces in the world, and in the end that includes each other.  As a young man I think I only kept up with this title through about issue ten, so I’ll be interested in seeing where that particular dynamic goes.  I know that there are only eighteen issues of the comic though, so I doubt that it will come to a real head where they all kill each other off, guess I’ll find out.

This is still my least favorite of the Midnight Sons titles, but I will get through all of them eventually, I would feel like I was doing the work that a writer and an artist put into the title a disservice by not reading it all (hopefully they don’t completely let me down).

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