X-Files Season 10 From IDW

X Files season 10 from IDW

IDW with the aide of Chris Carter are bring back the X-files to a newsstand (or more likely comic book shop, because I haven’t seen a comic in the grocery store for a long while) near you.

Season 10 of the X-Files isn’t going to be on TV, and there isn’t going to be another movie.  Instead we have the privilege of reading further adventures of Mulder and Scully in glorious comic book form.   Slated for release in June, gett these bad boys in your pull slot, because from the sounds of it IDW is very excited about what Chris Carter is bringing to the table as far as guiding the direction of the comic towards the feeling that the original series maintained.

The plot will take place after the second movie, and will feature the same kind of crazy foes that we have come to expect from Scully and Mulder’s exploits.

Read more on the IDW website:

IDW and the X-Files!


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